Monday, February 3, 2014

Kids Were Here 2014 Weekly Photo Challenge - Week 5

I had a hard time picking just one picture for this week's picture.  I took several of K's "cooking" - which includes one of her specialties, Waffles Supreme (waffles with a plush Peep on top).  (Peeps are from Think Geek.)

I had wondered why, when she was doing all of this, she kept running back to the bathroom to get washcloths.  It all made sense once I pulled the camera out.  She had made several place settings, using the wash cloths as placemats.  Proper, she is!

The little colored gem toys are actually reusable ice cubs that she got in her Easter basket a year ago.  Since then, they have been dubbed her "chocolates" after reading Curious George and the Chocolate Factory.  She loves to put her chocolates in cups and into just about every pretend meal.  I can't blame her. :-)